Monday, October 19, 2009

B8: Flexibility of Teachers

This is definitely something that I could agree with when it comes to the classroom and how a teacher needs to be prepared. Things can and will go wrong and as a teacher I find it challenging as well as exciting to have to adapt and change at a moments notice. "Chance favors the prepared." This is a quote that I have always tried to follow. Essentially the teacher who prepares for alternative plans is the teacher who is one step closer to becoming a great teacher. I constantly find that things happen even to the best laid plans and if I haven't prepared or thought of an alternative for just such a case, then I will be at the mercy of the students.

Boss, S., & Krauss, J. (2007). Reinventing project-based learning. Washington, D.C.: International Society for Technology in Education.

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  1. Along with those "emergency lesson plans" in the front office of our schools, we should have "emergency lesson plans" in our back pockets for those days when the tech doesn't work or the plan otherwise flops.