Saturday, October 3, 2009

Comic Life Article Review

Reading about comic life opened up several new ideas that I had not previously had about ways of engaging students. Normally when I have try to integrate a project into my classroom, I can't get other teachers to buy into the idea of expanding it into other content areas. With comic life, it shows the potential for being a great mechanism for allowing my projects to expand to other teachers and their content areas.
Teaching secondary mathematics means using Comic Life to engage students for different reasons that it would on an elementary grade level. Where a teacher might use Comic Life in the lower grade levels to " early readers connect words with pictures," (2007). On the secondary grade levels we teachers are often trying to get our students to reconnect with the learning. At this age students are wanting to express their creativity in various ways and Comic Life allows teachers to helps students do just that.

Thacker, C. (2007). How to use comic life in the classroom. Retrieved from

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  1. I agree that Comic Life is a great educational tool. It seems students in elementary level classes will benefit more from recieving information from them where are secondary students might gain a meaningful experience in creating their own Comic Life.