Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog Turnover Entry C

I mentioned in Blog Turnover A that I felt Blogs had a useful that could possibly harnessed by teachers. I also mentioned that there were drawbacks or obstacles that teachers would need to overcome. Students are hard to motivate. We as teachers are giving students things that they may not see the benefit of until years down the road. This generation of students wants instant gratification. When you are dealing with this as a teacher, overcoming the motivation factor is your biggest obstacle. This obstacle shows itself in many forms and I believe it will again show itself in the form of a blog. A student who does not like to write, won't simply change his or her mind now that they get do it online. That same student however may love to spend countless time explaining and arguing with friends about why their basketball team is going to beat everyone else. I think that as teachers, our challenge with using blogs in the classroom first lies with trying to figure out how to align the students desire to talk (i.e. blog) about their basketball team and be educational at the same time.

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  1. I can see students enjoying blogging about their fantasy baseball/football teams. Like you said, students who are not interested in writing may start to enjoy blogging about their fantasy teams.