Friday, November 20, 2009

Blog Turnover Entry A

It's now time to start turning over the blog and I'm supposed to reflect on the usefulness of a blog. I have numerous ideas on the ways that a blog can be useful in a classroom. I've had students keep journals before to record their thoughts and experiences during a project. Blogging would be exceptionally useful when it came to pulling that concept into the 21st century. I've had students try to do cross-curricular activities and found that communication across the classrooms has been something difficult to overcome. Blogging could be a useful tool in that endeavor as well. The most surprising thing to me about a blog is the effort it takes to get people to use one. If you find the right subject matter for people to blog about, meaning they almost voluntarily try and blog, then it's almost like getting students to text. But if you try and make people blog on something, maybe something they are not keenly intrigued by, it is very difficult for people to give you honest and sincere entries into the blog.

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